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Hi, I’m Tony Elias (Grizzly). I am an Art Director based in the New Forest, Hampshire, with over 20 years of experience in directing, illustrating, motion graphics, animation, print and digital publishing, photography, videography, and digital art.

My portfolio features work for international clients like Google, Etihad Airways, Post Office, Starbucks, UCL, and Qatar Foundation.

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Tony is easily one of the most talented designers I have ever worked with - incredible creative across all areas, channels and disciplines - Tony uniquely brings vision but also impeccable design execution to life in everything he does. Alongside all this he has superb technical knowledge meaning that no challenge is too much for his amazing design ideas - and a very positive, fun and sincere person too!"

Tony is incredibly talented, focused, and works very well underpressure. He loves a challenge and his skillset is second to none- design, animation and video! It was an absolute pleasure towork with Tony, not just because he is brilliant at his job, but also because he is a great colleague and team member."

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Tony is an invaluable team member and colleague. One of the highest praises I can offer is that he truly listens to feedback and incorporates it in the future, and he always works hard to find creative solutions. He sticks to deadlines, he does his best work at all times, and he is a consummate professional and team player. He is imaginative, has a great sense of humor, and brings a good attitude and disposition to work at all times. Any team would be lucky to have him!"

Tony is skilled, unflappable under pressure, and a pleasure towork with, He produces great designs, across multiple stylesand asset types - capable of keeping clients and project ownershappy, enthused and confident they will get what they need,when they need it."


I'm passionate about making a difference.

I always had a pencil in my hand as a child, having learned how to paint in a Greek Monastery at an early age. That ingrained passion for drawing later drew my attention to graphic design and web programming, where I was able to develop and hone my skills.


I previously worked as the Art Director for Switch, one of the top publishing companies in the Middle East, producing magazines, newspapers, and other high-quality designs for publications including Qatar Foundation, an internationally renowned organisation that promotes educational excellence and scientific discovery.


Most recently, I was the Creative Director for Alef Magazine. Alef is a bilingual (English and Arabic) bimonthly independent publication in Doha, Qatar, which focuses on indigenous cultural topics in the Gulf region with an international outreach.


I am currently the Global Creative Designer for an IT company based in Southampton, where I am constantly developing new styles and techniques to keep up with the ever-changing industry.

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"When I'm involved in a project at work, I look to achieve success. I apply the same mindset to my personal life."