Drawing has been a favourite activity ever since I was two.

"I suppose illustration tends to live in the streets, rather than in the hermetically sealed atmosphere of the museum, and consequently it has come to be taken less seriously."
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Artboard 60
Owly Owl

A special detailed Illustration for an Owl 80cmx60cm, Highlighting the face area and concentrating to have a striking eye colour.

Harrods Store London
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Forward Thinker/Foundation magazine

This artwork been featured in 'The Foundation' Magazine. Professor Mahmud Verjee.

The Village / Krak des Chevaliers

Krak des Chevaliers (Arabic: قلعة الحصن‎), also Crac des Chevaliers, is a Crusader castle in Syria and one of the most important preserved medieval castles in the world. The name Krak des Chevaliers was coined in the 19th century. 'Proud I come from around such a heritage.'

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Han-Na Chang - Leading the way

This artwork been featured in 'The Foundation' Magazine, showing Han Na Chang leading Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra.

JUST DO IT. (The running Ostrich)
Starbucks UK
The barn owl
Regal Jack - Sandy the Jack Russell

Another Artwork of Sandy sat on old fashion chair with blue crystal sky in the background.

Starbucks UK
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Withers farm

This artwork feature the main house on Withers Farm, which been build back in 1666. The house is perfectly kept in its original state.

Starbucks Birthday E-card

This illustration features a cup made of cake, celebrating the birthdays of Starbucks staff.

Hare - Sketch

A quick sketch

Silent woman
Parrots on branch
The Blue Cat
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Puffin in love
True blue

This artwork features 'True Blue' the third studio album by the American singer-songwriter Madonna.

Femme Fatale / Carole Lombard

Carole Lombard may seem an odd choice for our first femme fatale because of her heavy involvement in screwball comedies, a far-cry indeed from the musty darkness of the film noir cinema. Yet, her image has become iconic, and the fiery magnetism of her photos exude the femme fatale vitality. She was born Jane Alice Peters in Fort Wayne, Indiana on October 6th 1908. She made her film debut in Los Angeles at the age of 12, and rose to become the highest paid star in Hollywood by the late 1930′s (ea

Life is a journey

Starbucks E-card congrats the staff who achieved 1 year with the company.

Editor's Letter / Alef Magazine

This artwork been featured in Alef Magazine Issue 2, telling the journey of the editor between England, Bahrain, Dubai and Qatar.

Food Illustrations/Alef issue 3

These Illustrations been featured in Alef Magazine Issue 3, under the taste section, talks about the United Arab Emirate’s first female chef, Khulood Atiq is one woman who has managed to turn a passion into her career.

Pearls diving / Alef Issue 3

For thousands of years, the pearl has been a prized precious possession: Elizabeth Taylor, Diana, Princess of Wales, the Queen of Sheba and Catherine the Great were amongst those who had a passion for pearls.

Withers Farm / Ducks & Chickens

Another inspiration from around the Withers Farm.

Organic Music / Alef Magazine

This artwork been featured in Alef Magazine Issue 2, talks about Bahrain is breaking down social barriers through musical genres.