I was honoured to work on this beautiful product back in 2013 as the Creative Director. Alef is a bilingual (English and Arabic) bimonthly independent publication in Doha, Qatar, which focuses on indigenous cultural topics in the Gulf region with an international outreach.


Frequency: Bimonthly

Languages: Arabic and English

Distribution: 10,000 copies distributed globally.

"Alef is a magazine based on the 5 senses, it's modern, well written and has an artistic touch -  from its writing through to its colorful covers."

Creative Director

& Illustrator of Alef Magazine

Art Director

QF Telegraph & QF Magazine

Qatar Foundation Telegraph is Qatar’s third largest national newspaper, featuring a compelling combination of news, personalities, and entertainment. It promotes activities across the country, explaining to the community the ways in which Qatar Foundation is working for their benefit and how they can get involved.




Frequency: Fortnightly

Languages: Arabic and English

Distribution: 15,000 copies

"I  produced over 45 attractive issues in both English and Arabic, and  I enjoyed designing each and every page."

Qatar Foundation Telegraph newspaper.

The Foundation Magazine

The Foundation takes the extraordinary Qatar Foundation story and projects it to key stakeholders both within and outside of the organisation. Distributed monthly to a high-level audience across Qatar, the magazine explains and analyses the ways in which Qatar Foundation is helping to realise the goals laid out in Qatar National Vision 2030..



Frequency: Monthly
Languages: Arabic and English
Distribution: 5,200 copies monthly

"What I liked most about designing The Foundation, was that every issue was a challenge because there were a variety of features that required unique concepts."

{Grizzly and Goose}

I'm currently working on a series of illustrated children's books about the adventures of a bear and a goose in the New Forest.